Gail Worth

Honorary Chair

Honorary Chair

As one of Palm Beach’s philanthropic leading ladies, Gail Worth has positively impacted the lives of individuals at the local, national, and international levels.

Gail is a devoted advocate for the arts, children, education, and causes related to cancer, research, humanitarian relief, and animal welfare.

Among the many organizations that benefit from Gail’s leadership are American Humane Association, American Lung Association, EW Foundation, Lois Pope’s LIFE Foundation, and Israel Cancer Association USA.

This is the 10th season Gail will serve as gala chair for the American Lung Association, a leading organization working to save lives by improving health and preventing disease through education, advocacy, and research.

Gail will serve as honorary chair for EW Foundation, an educational nonprofit providing award-winning character education books and programs for children and youth, and as co- chair with Arthur E. Benjamin for Israel Cancer Association USA, which raises funds to support cancer research by award-winning scientists at leading hospitals, universities, and institutions throughout Israel.

Gail and her beloved poodle, Coco, split their time between New York and Palm Beach.

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